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Bihar is the land of Budha, Mahavir and the land of freedom fighters. Bihar is one of the most important state of eastern India. Patna is the capital of Bihar. In the ancient time, Patna was known by the name of Pataliputra. Patna is situated on the bank of river 'Ganga'. The history of Bihar is very ancient which goes back to down of human civilization. Pataliputra was the centre of first empire who built the Nanda dynasty and the Ashoka was the famous ruler of Nanda dynasty.

Bihar is the land of Budha. Bihar is only the land where budhism and jainism was grown respectively by Gautam Budha and the Mahavir, and its a religious centre of Jains, Hindu and Budhist. The Budha was attained in 'Bodhgaya' and Jaina Mahavir in Pawapuri. At the previous time Bihar was well known by Magadh. Its only the Bihar where sikh's 10nth Guru, Guru Gobind singh was born and enlighten the sainthood of 'Sikhism'.

Bihar has played a major role during the period of Independence. During the british India, Bihar was a part of the presidency of Bengal. Bihar produces the well known personalities like Dr Rajendra Prasad, our first president of India and social leader Jay Prakash, our freedom fighters like Khudi ram bose, Prafulla chaki, and chandra shekhar azad and more. Bihar was the place from where Gandhiji launched civil disobedience movement. The land of Bihar has given the birth to numerous intellectuals who have spread the light of wisdom and knowledge not only the country but in the world.

Bihar has a significant place in Hindu mythology. Bihar is the land of Sita, the consort of Lord Rama. Sita was the daughter of king Janak of Videha which includes the present district of Muzaffarpur, Sitamarhi, Samastipur, Madhubani and Darbhanga, in north-central Bihar. Nalanda and Vikranshila was the oldest universities of higher education to Indians and foriegn students in Bihar. Nalanda was built in the reign of Gupta's period. In 2000, bihar was divided in two different states. One is Bihar and now the other one is well known by Jharkhand.

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